Temptations galore

A selection of our pies

There is plenty to tempt you at New Street Butchers & Deli — and it’s well worth giving in if you appreciate good food. The deli opened next door to the butchers in 2013.  With the two shops knocked into one, customers can now walk between the butchers and the deli to pick up fresh, local, seasonal meat and produce… and lots more besides.

  • If you pop in for the meat for your Sunday roast, you can also grab locally-grown vegetables, stuffing, gravy — and a bottle of English wine!
  • You might swing by to pick up sausage rolls, cheese and ham for a picnic, and find it hard to leave without adding local cider to your shopping.
  • If you nip in for one of our tantalising BBQ packs, the ideal complements are on hand: a hunk of fresh bread, a leafy salad and ripe tomatoes.

Locally reared & free range


New Street Butchers changes with the seasons, but some things stay the same all year round. You will always find our shop well stocked with a variety of joints and cuts of free range beef, pork and lamb. Our meat comes from local farms, where the animals are slaughtered and then hung (matured) for the right period of time. When the meat arrives with us, our traditional butchering skill ensures that it is expertly prepared for our customers, transformed into tasty kebabs, fillets, chops, sausages… there’s something for every taste.

Special recipe sausages

sausages Without a doubt, our most popular homemade product is our award winning sausages. Made with our finest fresh pork, lamb, or beef, we add our own blends of herbs and spices to create a variety of mouthwatering flavours. The simplest is our classic pork sausage, seasoned only with salt and pepper. But savoury pork, infused with herbs, is our best selling variety. For those who enjoy a more potent flavour, we have pork & fresh leek, smoked bacon, sweet minty lamb, beef & whole grain mustard and many more tasty options.

Bacon worth waiting for

bacon Our 12 day cured bacon is really special. We started curing our own bacon a few years back and it instantly became a big hit with our customers. We bone and trim the tasty middle section of the animal and cure it for a dozen days, seasoning it with salt and a little spice. We then slice the meat into back, streaky and gammon rashers. The flavour of the bacon is exceptional. It’s a great complement to a free range chicken breast, ideal for adding flavour to spaghetti bolognese, but at its best as the highlight of a full English breakfast.

Quality family food

3for10 We understand the challenge of giving your family the best quality food at a price you can afford. We do all we can to help you keep the cost of good food reasonable, so you don’t need to compromise your high standards. Our free range, locally sourced meat is ‘real food’ at its best and you can now buy it for less from our 3-for-£10 range. Included in this special offer are trays of sausages, chicken fillets and minced steak, so you can stock up on all your family favourites in one go. Supermarket prices are comparable, but our quality can’t be beaten.

Delicious delicacies

Home made pasties At our new deli you will find marvellous marmalades, tangy chutneys, delightful jams, super sauces, fragrant stuffing, pasta, ciabatta, crusty loaves of bread with that just baked smell, cheeses, meats, pates, local ales, cider, English wine, home baked cakes, pies, sausage rolls… you get the picture! This is the sort of deli that you can happily browse in for a while, and you are very welcome to spend some time with us to take it all in. The deli is a brilliant addition to our shop and is already attracting a devoted following all of its own.