Merry Christmas to all our customers

Christmas Roast Turkey with all the Trimmings

At the New Street Butchers & Deli, we can provide all the festive foods you need to see you through the party season and the main event on Christmas Day.

Our free-range turkeys and hams are incredibly popular, but we also offer beef, lamb, pork and game, along with handmade sausages and 12-day cured bacon. All our meat is local and free range, unless stated otherwise, which we know has a positive impact on quality and flavour.

Your Christmas Day roast needs all the traditional trimmings and accompaniments and we are committed to providing you with the best of everything you need for the Christmas table. Please take a look at our full price list and drop in soon to get your festive food ordered. Please note we are unable to take orders by email.

Christmas price list

This is a guide price list, please note that prices may be subject to fluctuation.


Free Range White Turkeys from £85
Free Range Bronze Turkeys from £90
Free Range Duck from £11 kg
Free Range Geese from £20 kg
Suffolk Chicken from £6.50 kg
Boneless Turkey Crown £22 kg
Boneless Turkey Crown (Rolled & Stuffed) £22 kg
Crowns on Bone min 4kg £95


Rolled Loin £11.95 kg
Rolled leg £10.95 kg
Rolled Shoulder £10.50 kg


Unsmoked Boneless £11.95 kg
Smoked Boneless £11.95 kg
Unsmoked On Bone (min 3kg) £11 kg
Smoked on Bone (min 5kg) £12 kg
Home Cooked Ham £14.90 kg

Game birds

Pheasants £5.00
Partridge £5.00
Guinea Fowl £14.00


Boneless Venison Haunch Roast £19.95 kg
Venison Cannon £45.00 kg

Sussex lamb

Leg Roast £16.95 kg
Shoulder Roast £10.95 kg Boneless Leg Roast £24.49 kg

Sussex beef

Rib Roast £25 kg
Fore Rib French trimmed £28 kg
Boneless Rolled Fore rib £32 kg
Boneless Rolled Sirloin £38 kg
Top Roast £17.95 kg
Rolled Brisket £13 kg
Fillet Steak £65 kg


Sausages wrapped in Bacon x 8 £6.00 Approx
Smoked Bacon & Chestnut Stuffing £6 per 500g
Pork & Herb Sausage Meat £4.50 per 500g

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Christmas Opening Hours

Wednesday 20th Dec 7am – 4pm
Thursday 21st Dec 7am – 4pm
Friday 22nd Dec 7am – 5pm
Saturday 23rd 7am – 5pm
Christmas Eve 7am – 1pm
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day Closed
Wednesday 27th Dec Closed
Thursday 28th Dec Closed
Friday 29th Dec 7am – 2pm
Saturday 30th Dec 7am – 3pm
Sunday 31st Dec 7am – 1pm
Monday 1st Jan Closed
Tuesday 2nd Jan Closed

Order Collection Dates

22nd Dec 7am – 5pm
23rd Dec 7am – 5pm
Christmas Eve 7am – 1pm

Sorry-We are unable to accept orders via email. Prices are subject to change