Watch out, the men folk in your family are about to summon their inner cave men! “Man make fire. Man cook meat on fire. Man feed family!”

Yes, that’s right: Barbecue season is upon us.

The good news is that the hunter of your household doesn’t need a spear to claim his prey, nor does he require sticks to rub together to make a fire. We’ve made his job easy by stocking up on everything he needs to provide a barbecued feast for his family, right down to the charcoal.

Thank goodness for progress!

To be honest, the hunter gatherers of Horsham are a fairly civilised bunch. They appreciate top quality, free range meat; they’re partial to homemade spicy and herby seasonings; and they are rather fond of tangy marinades and glazes.

If last year’s anything to go by, they will be congregating at our shop this weekend to stock up on all of the above. They will be taking advantage of our great value 3 for £10 offer on some of our BBQ packs to make sure that they have plenty of tasty burgers, sausages, kebabs, ribs and other BBQ delicacies to throw on their grill.

The weather forecast predicts a scorcher on Saturday and there isn’t a drop of rain forecast to dampen spirits, so please come to New Street Butchers for some hunting and gathering, Horsham style.