BBQ hotspot

On a sunny weekend in New Street, we have lots of lovely customers queuing outside the shop to buy their BBQ meat. We pride ourselves in our BBQ selection, which uses the best quality free range meat, skilfully prepared and seasoned to perfection to offer endless choice for your grill.

To give our customers oustanding value, a range of BBQ meats are included in our 3-for-£10 deal, which offers a saving on the cost of buying everything individually. We always have quality, value and choice in mind — because happy customers come back time and again.

Classics with a twist


Our homemade pork sausages, lightly seasoned beef burgers and chicken drumsticks are firm BBQ favourites, but there’s plenty to offer the more adventurous palate. For a start, burgers and sausages are available in a variety of flavours, with herby and spicy seasonings.

Marinated kebabs


The recipes for our tasty marinades are a closely guarded secret! Brushed onto the best quality free range meat, they give our kebabs a flavoursome edge that can’t be beaten. Our Greek chicken kebabs, spicy hot beef kebabs and minty lamb koftas are among the most popular varieties.

Glazed meats

bbq02 Our glazed and marinated meats are great not just for BBQ’s, but also parties and special meals at home. Prepared in foil trays, ready to be popped into the oven, the most sought-after combinations are duck in Chinese plum sauce, Greek glazed lamb shanks and pork steaks in Caribbean sauce.

BBQ price list


Our Recipe Burgers

Beef & Onion – £1.30
Pork & Apple – £1
Lamb & Mint – £2
Gluten Free Beef – £1.30
Vintage Cheddar – £1.80

Hand Made Kebabs

Thai Spiced Chicken Kofta – 65p
Minty Lamb Kofta – 65p
Minty Lamb – £3
Greek Glazed Chicken – £2
Hot & Spicy Beef – £3
Pork & Chinese Plum – £2

Joints for BBQ

Pork Rib Eye – £9.49 per kilo
Carvery Pork Loin – £9.95 per kilo
Butterfly Leg Lamb – £17.95 per kilo
Butterfly Shoulder Lamb – £12 per kilo
Beef Rib Eye – £33.49 per kilo
Rack of Lamb – £22.49 per kilo
Spatchcock Chicken – £6.99 per kilo


Price each
Plain Pork – 55p
Pork & Smoky Bacon – 55p
Pork & Apple – 65p
Lamb & Mint – 65p
Wild Boar – 80p
Gluten free Pork – 55p
Italian – 80p
Pork & Herb – 55p

3 for £10 Packs

South African Boerworse Ring
7 Pork & Herb Sausages
7 Smoky Bacon Sausages
2 Smoky BBQ Racks
4 Pork & Apple Burgers 1/4lb
3 Pork Ribs
3 Pork Ribs in Chinese Sauce
3 Pork Steaks in Sweet Chilli
5 Thai Chicken Kofta Kebabs
5 Minty Lamb Kofta Kebabs
3 1/4 lb Beef Burgers
4 Pieces Kentucky Chicken
4 Pieces Garlic Herb Chicken
4 Pieces Mexican chicken
4 Pieces Sweet Chilli Chicken
4 Pieces Jerk Sauce