Have you smelled that familiar whiff of burning charcoal blended with mouthwatering meat aromas? The recent burst of good weather has kickstarted barbecue season perhaps a touch earlier than usual!

As we all know, we Brits have to make hay (or, in this case, burgers) while the sun shines. So, if you haven’t had your inaugural barbecue feast for 2015, we suggest you get down to New Street Butchers with all haste.

Your BBQ spread can be simple, with our classic own-recipe burgers and sausages. Or, you can opt for stronger flavours, with kebabs, ribs and joints inspired by all sorts of world cuisines.

Mexican chicken, Piri Piri chicken, Kentucky Chicken, Pork Ribs in Chinese Sauce — we like to think that every taste is catered for. You can find a full list of our BBQ products, and a downloadable price list, here.